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Professional Consultation

I offer an integrated approach to supervision based on The Seven-eyed Model (Hawkins & Shohet) and IDM (Stoltenberg, Delworth & McNeil), and inspired by other brilliant authors: Proctor, Carroll, Bernard & Goodyear, and my favourite - Penny Henderson. 

​These help me conceptualise about my supervisees and their clients, and allow me to be effective with counsellors of different theoretic orientations and non-counselling professionals alike.

I employ my knowledge of contemporary psychodynamic and relational thinking.

In broad terms, I offer a warm, compassionate and non-judgemental supervisory relationship to support your growth and continue developing your own unique style. 

I hold MA in Professional Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy (Supervision) from Middlesex University and The Minster Centre.  

Personal Practice

- feeling low most of the time

- can't find joy in life

- dark thoughts

- 'just can't be bothered...'

Conflict at Work

- worried and tense

- obsessive behaviour

- irrational thoughts

- 'something bad is going to happen...'

Supervision and Mentoring

Who needs supervision? "Anyone working in roles that require regularly giving or receiving emotionally challenging communications, or engaging in relationally complex and challenging roles" (BACP).

I see supervision as a professional, safe, creative and dynamic space for therapists to reflect on their practice; monitor, develop and maintain ethical competence, skills and confidence. It is also an opportunity to process any personal difficulties that may arise in the course of their clinical work and private life. I intend to create a respectful environment to encourage exploration and growth.

Disorder, Relationship, Confidence

Relationship Ruptures

- interpersonal conflict

- unhelpful dynamics
- negativity
- passive-aggressive behaviour

- sabotage

- bullying

- termination of employment

- redundancy

My Approach


We all need mentors in our life journeys - people who guide us, provide support and explore new ideas with us,  help us to feel just a bit less lost in this world.

I can support you with your counselling or mindfulness practice. Whether you have doubts or want to develop particular skills, together we can find an effective approach to facilitate your growth. 

Lack of Clarity or Focus

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Julia R Lofts




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Supervision for non-counselling professionals

Supervision is essential to how practitioners sustain good practice throughout their working life. Supervision provides practitioners with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in depth about all aspects of their practice in order to work as effectively, safely and ethically as possible. Supervision also sustains the personal resourcefulness required to undertake the work.​

​"Clinical supervision of health professionals is associated with effectiveness of care."

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