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Weekend retreat - Friday 27th September - Sunday 29th September near Ashdown Forest, East Sussex - details can be found on


Weekend retreat - Friday 9th August - Sunday 11th August at Penhurst Retreat Centre, East Sussex

Residential option £245 (full board 2 nights single occupancy accommodation); 
£220 (full board shared accommodation - booking of two participants required for this option - price per person).

Very limited number of places.
Non-residential option (Saturday) - £50 per day (including midday meal and refreshments).

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Mid-week 2 day retreat - Wednesday 29th August - Thursday 30th August at Penhurst Retreat Centre


Mid-week 2 day retreat - Wednesday 21st June - Thursday 22nd June at Penhurst Retreat Centre

Weekend retreat - Friday 29th September - Sunday 1st October at Penhurst Retreat Centre

Space, Restrain, Freedom

Who can benefit from a mindfulness retreat?

One of the greatest challenges for Mindfulness Course graduates is how to maintain meditation practice in their busy everyday routine.

Spending an extended time away from distraction of family & work life and immersing into mindfulness practice helps to refresh both mindfulness concepts and interest in formal meditation. 

​Regular group practice within a retreat environment gives the chance to go deeper and fully experience many physical and mental benefits of sustained mindfulness practice, as well as confidence to continue practicing by ourselves.

I lead Mindfulness Meditation retreats that are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners with an established practice wishing to refresh and further develop their mindfulness practice.

There will me a mix of meditations, periods of silence, mindful movements and walks, mindful eating, and where possible creative workshops. I promote compassionate acceptance of what we find challenging or painful, and dwell in the simple beauty of pleasant experiences through development of kindly awareness. 

​To support the intentions of this retreat, you'll be encouraged to turn off mobile phones and all technology during this short time.

The retreat is a real opportunity to spend some time with yourself, to recharge your emotional batteries, and revitalise your outlook on life.

The Science of Meditation

People have been meditating for thousands of years. Psychology Today explores 20 Scientific Reasons to Start Meditating Today.

It boosts your health...

It boosts your happiness...

It boosts your social life...

It boosts your self-control...

It changes your brain (for the better)...​​


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