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Finding a counsellor in Tunbridge Wells

Living in or around Tunbridge Wells it should be relatively easy to find a counsellor. A search for 'counselling in Tunbridge Wells' on Google or a quick look in the Counselling Directory or the BACP's directory 'It's Good to Talk' will return dozens of counsellors and psychotherapists in Kent.  

But how do you choose one?  And will they be 'the one' for you? 

Deciding on which counsellor to work with frequently comes down to cost, and I'm often asked by clients how long the counselling process might take - generally as a concern over the cost of treatment, and a polite way of asking 'How much will it cost?' 

Counselling is available free of charge on the NHS, but with waiting lists of up to eight weeks for an initial consultation and a further four weeks to start treatment. The NHS also offers Computerised Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CCBT) as a form of self-help with the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

As a result, more people are turning to personal online counselling services which are also less expensive and available at more convenient times, and this adds to growing evidence that it is the relationship between client and counsellor which has the greatest positive influence on the success of therapy, with the most positive outcomes.

Using video programmes like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom certainly has its place in the counselling process, but it is important that anyone considering counselling should experience a counsellor's approach via initial face-to-face sessions (wherever possible), so that the client is comfortable with the relationship prior to making a commitment to a therapist.

It's also worth considering therapist's accreditation. Being accredited by BACP, UKCP, BABCP, ACTO and similar governing organisations means that your therapist was able to provide sufficient evidence into good training and practice. It also means that if things go wrong and you feel you should make a complaint, these organisations will be there to support you. 

If you know about various therapeutic approaches and feel that some are more suitable for you than others, this could be another point to consider. NHS Choices and Counselling Directory offer good overviews of different talking therapies and therapeutic approaches.

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