Why walk and talk?

If you're someone who finds it easier to have an open conversation in a more informal setting, then perhaps a 'walk & talk' approach would feel more comfortable than meeting in a consulting room.

Walk & talk is particularly suitable for those dealing with significant life changing situations.

Change is always difficult. No matter whether it is a negative or a positive change. This can be a serious illness, retirement, relocation, marriage, birth of your child, separation, death of a relative or inheritance.

I will support you  through the period of adjustment and help you to come to terms with losses and new circumstances, and hopefully find renewed strength or new perspective as you come through this challenging time.

I believe that one size doesn't fit all and happy to explore various therapeutic techniques to find the one that would be of the greatest benefit to each individual client. 

I specialise in working with people with depression, low self-esteem, anxieties, prolonged or chronic stress, as well as loneliness and 'ordinary human unhappiness'.


To help us establish if a walk & talk approach is the one for you, our initial meeting will take place in one of my consulting rooms where we will talk about your circumstances and goals.

I use a number of different walking environments and we can discuss which one will be most suitable depending on the time of our walks and your fitness level.

Our initial consultation/assessment will take place at the clinic.

Space, Restrain, Freedom

Julia R Lofts




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Walks and Talk Therapy

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