Other approaches

'One size doesn't fit all'. During your initial assessment we can think about various techniques which can benefit you the most.

I use CBT, mindfulness and mentalization to enhance my psychodynamic approach.            

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The goals of Psychodynamic Therapy are the client's self-awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on the present behaviour. 

It helps to explore any patterns in your relationships, as well as examine unresolved conflicts.                   

I believe we all have an 'internal healer' in us. It helps us cope with so-called 'ordinary human unhappiness'.

But at some point many of us find ourselves in a dark place and we can't find the way out on our own. 

We can only get better when we want to and are prepared to change.

If you are willing to take this step, I will safely guide you through this journey of change to a better, happier you.

My Vision

What is psychotherapy?

Although psychotherapy and counselling overlap in many different ways, psychotherapy focuses on working with clients for a longer period. Sessions often take place on a weekly or twice weekly basis and therapy doesn't usually have an agreed number of sessions. Unlike counselling, it is offered for as long as needed. This approach is referred to as 'open-ended'.

What can therapy help with? 

Disorder, Relationship, Confidence

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- regular migraines

- tension headaches

- daily headaches

- feeling defeated by pain


- worried and tense

- obsessive behaviour

- irrational thoughts

- 'something bad is going to happen...'

Relationship issues

- marriage upsets

- loneliness

- unhelpful friendships

- repeating difficulties

Problems at school

- bullying

- non-attendance

- friendship issues

- discipline 

Psychosomatic illness

- undiagnosed conditions

- regular aches and pains

- stress related illness

- not feeling quite alright or yourself 


- feeling low most of the time

- can't find joy in life

- dark thoughts

- 'just can't be bothered...'

Disordered eating

- comfort eating

- anorexia

- bulimia

- bingeing

Loss, grief, bereavement

- significant life changing events

- loss of job, status, home

- separation

- death of a loved one

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